Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Jackson in HIStory Tour Painting

I have wanted to do a painting of Michael Jackson in HIStory Tour performances, since it is one of my favorite concert of Michael. I chose this pose in particular because it radiates the energy of the performance. Overall I am pretty happy with the end result. I admit it took some time to paint the gold pants in watercolor.

The next one I did is the one where he performs in his final rehearsal for This Is It. I love this pose because he seems very happy here. The color of the painting is predominanly blue, ccontrasting with the bakground. I always love to use bright colors in my painting, with the exception of a black and white one, where I rely completely on the shading.

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  1. I love this painting. You really captured his energy.Great job.

  2. Excellent painting, best way to give tribute to the legend.

  3. Beautifully painted. I do like the freedom in this piece.

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