Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Jackson in HIStory Tour Painting

I have wanted to do a painting of Michael Jackson in HIStory Tour performances, since it is one of my favorite concert of Michael. I chose this pose in particular because it radiates the energy of the performance. Overall I am pretty happy with the end result. I admit it took some time to paint the gold pants in watercolor.

The next one I did is the one where he performs in his final rehearsal for This Is It. I love this pose because he seems very happy here. The color of the painting is predominanly blue, ccontrasting with the bakground. I always love to use bright colors in my painting, with the exception of a black and white one, where I rely completely on the shading.

Check out more of my MJ paintings at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A painting dedicated to Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor

When I heard the news of Elizabeth Taylor's passing I automatically think of Michael Jackson. Having been best friends since the 1980's, despite of their age differences, Michael and Elizabeth have found true friendship. Amidst Michael Jackson's difficult circumstances, Liz Taylor have always been supportive. Likewise, Michael have been the most giving friends that Elizabeth ever had. When Michael passes away in 2009, Liz Taylor had lost a true friend. Now they are reunited once again and forever in heaven. Their friendship has motivated me to create a portrait painting picturing Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, titled: "The King of Pop and Liz Taylor". I had been working on this painting, which I had completed two days ago. When I created this painting I wanted it to picture the beautiful friendship that they shared, and I am dedicating this painting to Michael Jackson, who has inspired me so much till this day, and to Elizabeth Taylor. This painting was created using Black watercolor on watercolor paper. More MJ paintings at

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrity paintings in watercolor

Having painted a number of Michael Jackson painting, I decided it is time to explore
different subject, music celebrities in particular. I have created watercolor paintings of other celebrities, such as Elvis Presley, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney. I have been invited to join several portrait painting contests involving these subjects; therefore I decided to add a new gallery in MJ Portrait Arts, named Celebrity Portrait Paintings.

I am thrilled to create more celebrity portrait paintings, as I will have more variation in my Online Gallery and Online Store, giving people more option to buy the art prints. I reproduce the celebrity paintings in limited edition prints, Giclee quality, for sale. I have many other celebrity portraits I'm planning to paint, I probably will add several more this next couple of weeks.

The Paul McCartney painting I just did was created in just black watercolor. I used this technique in "MJ-Man In The Mirror" painting I posted in my last blog. I received good feedback on this particular piece, about the uniqueness and originality in the technique I used. It is always good to created something that has more difficulty level in it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Man In The Mirror - A Watercolor sketch of Michael Jackson

I enjoy creating watercolor portrait paintings of Michael Jackson. This time I decided to create a unique piece, titled "Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror". Uniquely created using only black watercolor to create the illusion of depth and dimension on the face. I truly enjoyed creating this piece, contouring the face and painting the hair and the tiniest little detail, including the jacket and the zipper. I have done a similar watercolor sketch in my other piece of MJ painting, titled "Smooth Criminal".

Another new painting I just created is "MJ - Panther Dance" featuring his expression during the "Panther Dance" in "Black or White" music video. I actually featured this piece on the first page of my Online Gallery. I haven't seen many paintings in this theme, which makes it another unique painting for me to do.
I'm also planning to do more paintings of other celebrities, such as Elvis Presley and Celine Dion, to add more variety in my paintings.
The paintings are available for sale as limited edition print, in MJ Portrait Arts Online Store.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Michael Jackson - Thriller painting for exhibition

This is the latest painting of Michael Jackson I just finished, featuring MJ in "Thriller" in 1983 era. I created this painting in watercolor, on 9 x 12 inches light weight watercolor paper. This is actually my first time of creating a painting in this era. What is special about this painting is in the color combination. Dominant colors here are black, blue and red with a hint of brown. I find that these colors are contrasting one another, enhancing the main subject of the painting. I find it a bit harder to paint Michael in a darker skin tone, but I enjoyed the experience. I was quite happy with the results, having received many positive comments about it.

I decided to enter the Giclee print of this particular painting in addition of Giclee print of the Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal painting in an international art exhibition. The Exhibition will take place from April 4 - May 22, 2010, at Liz Long Gallery in Chicago. This is my first exhibits as a professional artist; therefore I am quite excited about it. I will post news regarding the exhibition in next blog post and my Online Portfolio.

I have plans to participate in several more exhibition and contests, another one I am participating now is an online painting contest from Arts Deadline.Com, which is currently happening over the internet. I entered three images of my paintings of Michael Jackson in this contest. I am currently working on another piece right now, titled "Another Part Of Me". As soon as this piece is finished, I will post in in my Online Gallery. The "Michael Jackson - Thriller" painting is reproduced in Giclee Fine Art Print open edition, signed, available for sale at MJ Portrait Arts Online Store.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michael Jackson painting - Billie Jean

This is a new painting of Michael Jackson I just did, in watercolor, that I just post in This time I decide to be more selective in choosing a pose, and to venture out a little bit from the usual Michael Jackson portrait I have done. Actually it is almost impossible to find a pose of MJ in "Billie Jean" where I can get a clear shot of his face. Almost all of the poses I have seen is either covered by the hat or in the dark shadow with blue lighting. Since I am focusing my art on Michael Jackson portrait, I couldn't find an ideal pose for "Billie Jean" portrait.

However, I finally decided to paint this particular pose of Michael Jackson in the "BAD" era, in which he was performing "Billie Jean". I did spent more time on this particular artwork, i.e. in putting details on his jacket, lighting, and body details. I simply wanted to create "performing" mood in this painting, without sacrificing the details on the face.

This painting was done entirely in watercolor, with emphasis on the Black and Blue color tone, with a transparent and colorful contrasting background. As a pointer, it is very important to highlight your skill in a painting, regardless what medium it is.I realize that working with watercolor, especially on a portrait or figures, is not an easy task. But then I want my art creation to be different from others in this field.

This MJ painting can be viewed in my Online Art Gallery, where it can be rated and critiqued. Reproduction of the artwork in Giclee print is available for sale at my Online Store.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Michael Jackson painting in captain Eo

michael jackson painting and print

Today I'd like to share some of my ideas behind one of my Michael Jackson painting, titled Captain Eo. I found that not many artist did a drawing of Michael Jackson in this theme. I guess he is more known in Billie Jean or Thriller. However I just watched the Captain Eo music video, and I love it! It gives me the inspiration to do a painting of Michael Jackson in this particular scene.

Before I start any painting, I usually did a "brainstorming", pretty much like a writer who is aboout to write a story. I had preliminary ideas about what a painting is going to look like in my imagination. I had the impression that captain Eo painting is going to be in this colorful, rainbow-like background. I then did a drawing or sketching to begin with.

It took me three days to complete this captain Eo painting, and the result actually is very much alike to what I had imagined: Michael Jackson, in captain Eo costume, with a soft, rainbow background. It had a transparent quality in the painting, which is quite unique. You might have seen this image in one of Michael Jackson prints or posters, but I added my personal touch to it, like any of my other Michael Jackson paintings I created.

I decide to explore my creativity in my next Michael Jackson painting. I am thinking of creating a drawing with more of the body in it, more than just a portrait of him. I want to create the "performing" mood in my painting. I'll write more about it in my next blog about Michael Jackson artworks I create.